Five Against A Bullet gets a Director.

Jackie's next Hollywood outing, Five Against A Bullet, an ensemble action thriller co-production gets  Jeffrey Nachmanoff to direct.

All we know about the plot is that Jackie's character, Frank, leads a group of bodyguards who are hired to protect a South American politician during an election.


Jackie Surprised by His Stunt Team

Jackie recently appeared on a Chinese game show called "The Negotiator" and was surprised by a tribute from his stunt team. The tribute was organised in secret by the show, Stanley Tong and Wu Gang who said it took months to arrange.


Kungfu Yoga Goosebumps Song


Kung Fu Yoga Theme Song

The theme song - a reworked version of The Myth theme - for Kung Fu Yoga has been released.

Some photos from filming the MV:

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Railroad Tigers Visit Happy Camp

Several cast members, including Jackie Chan, appeared on the game show "Happy Camp" recently.


Railroad Tigers Premier Photos

The premier for Railroad Tigers was held at the Jackie Chan International Cinema in Beijing on 22 December 2016. The movie was released in theaters on 23 December 2016.


Railroad Tigers Premier Video

Full video of the Railroad Tigers premier.